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This bibliography is taken from My Days and Dreams (Carpenter's Autobiography) published in 1916. It lists those publications issued before that date, as well as a number of articles and memoirs written about Carpenter by others who knew him well.

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Some Magazine Articles

Books, Pamphlets and Articles about Edward Carpenter


The Religious Influence of Art: being the Burney Prize Essay for 1869. Cambridge, Deighton, Bell & Co., 1870. [Out of Print].

Narcissus and other Poems: London, Henry S. King & Co., 1873. [o.p].

Moses: A Drama in Five Acts. London, E. Moxon, 1875.  [o.p].

THE SAME: Reprinted with alterations and republished as The Promised Land. Sonnenschein, 1910. George Allen & Unwin, 1916.

Syllabuses of University Extension Lectures. (Astronomy, Sound, Light, Pioneers of Science, Science and History of Music, &c.) 1874-1881.

- Towards Democracy (Part I). First edition. John Heywood, Manchester, 1883.

THE SAME (including Parts I and II). John Heywood, Manchester, 1885.

THE SAME (including Parts I, II, and III). Fisher Unwin, London, 1892.

THE SAME (with new Title-page). The Labour Press, Manchester, 1896.

THE SAME (Part IV only, "Who Shall Command the Heart"). London, Swan Sonnenschein; Manchester, S. Clarke, 1902.

THE SAME (Four Parts complete in one vol.). London and Manchester, Sonnenschein and S. Clarke, 1905.

THE SAME. Complete Library Edition, with two portraits. Same publishers, 1908.

THE SAME, on India paper (pocket edition), without portraits, but with note at end, 1909.

Later issues the same as the last two. Sixteenth Thousand, 1916.

American Edition: T.D. complete. New York, Mitchell Kennerley, 1912

England's Ideal and other Papers on Social Subjects. London, Swan Sonnenschein (Social Science Series). First edition, 1887.

THE SAME. Thirteenth Thousand. Published by George Allen and Unwin, London, 1916; New York, Charles Scribner's Sons.

Civilization: its Cause and Cure. And other Essays. London, Swan Sonnenschein (Social Science Series). First edition, 1889.

THE SAME. Fourteenth Thousand. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1916; New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons.

- Chants of Labour: Edited by Edward Carpenter. With music; and Frontispiece by Walter Crane. First edition. London, Swan Sonnenschein, 1888.

THE SAME. Seventh Thousand. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1916.

From Adam's Peak to Elephanta: being Sketches in Ceylon and India. With illustrations. First edition. London, Sonnenschein, 1892; New York, Macmillan Co.

THE SAME. Second edition, enlarged, 1903.

THE SAME. Third edition, revised, 1910.

A Visit to a Gnani: being four chapters from the above, in separate volume, with two photogravure portraits. George Allen & Co., 1911.

THE SAME. Authorized American edition. Published by A. B. Stockham & Co., Chicago, 1900.

THE SAME. Pirated and mutilated. Published by the Yogi Publication Society, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 1905.

Love's Coming-of Age: a Series of Papers on the Relations of the Sexes. First edition. The Labour Press, Manchester, 1896.

THE SAME. Second edition, 1897.

THE SAME. Third edition. Swan Sonnenschein, London; S. Clarke, Manchester, 1902.

THE SAME. Fifth editition, enlarged, 1906.

THE SAME. Fourteenth Thousand. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1916.

THE SAME. Note on Preventive Checks omitted. London, Methuen. Shilling edition, 1914.

THE SAME. American edition. Stockham Publishing Company, Chicago, 1902.[Out of Print]

THE SAME. Published by Mitchell Kennerley, New York, 1911.

The Story of Eros and Psyche from Apuleius, and the first book of the Iliad of Homer, done into English by Edward Carpenter. London, Sonnenschein, 1900. [Out of Print].

Angels' Wings: Essays on Art and its Relation to Life. With nine full-page Plates and Appendix. First edition. London, Sonnenschein, 1898; New York, Macmillan Co.

THE SAME. Second edition, 1899.

THE SAME. Third edition, 1908.

- Iolaus - An Anthology of Friendship: in old Caslon type, with red initials and side-notes. First edition. London, Sonnenschein, 1902; Boston, U.S.A., Ch. A. Goodspeed.

THE SAME. Author's edition, 1902, bound in white and blue calf; 150 copies only.[Out of Print]

THE SAME. Second edition, enlarged. Forty pages added; black initials and notes. Sonnenschein, 1906.

THE SAME. Third edition. Title changed to Anthology of Friendship (Iolaus). Published by George Allen & Unwin, 1915.

The Art of Creation: Essays on the Self and its Powers: First edition. London, George Allen, 1904.

THE SAME. Second edition, enlarged, 1907.

THE SAME. Third edition. George Allen & Unwin, 1916.

Prisons, Police, and Punishment: an Inquiry into the Causes and Treatment of Crime and Criminals. London, Fifield, 1905.[Out of Print].

Days with Walt Whitman: with some Notes on his Life and Work, and three Portraits. London, George Allen, 1906.

Sketches from Life in Town and Country: Some Verses, and a Portrait of the Author. London, George Allen, 1908. [Out of Print].

- The Intermediate Sex: a Study of some Transitional Types of Men and Women. First edition. London, Sonnenschein; Manchester, Clarke, 1908.

THE SAME. Second edition, 1909.

THE SAME. Third edition. George Allen & Co., 1912.

THE SAME. Fourth edition. London, George Allen & Unwin, 1916.

THE SAME. American edition. Published by Mitchell Kennerley, New York, 1912.

The Drama of Love and Death: a Study of Human Evolution and Transfiguration. London, George Allen & Co., 1912.

THE SAME. American edition. New York, Mitchell Kennerley, 1912.

- Intermediate Types among Primitive Folk: a Study in Social Evolution. London, George Allen, 1914.

THE SAME. American edition. New York, Mitchell Kennerley, 1914.

The Healing of Nations: and the Hidden Sources of their Strife. First edition. London, George Allen & Unwin, March 1915. Reprinted April and October 1915.

- My Days and Dreams: being Autobiographical Notes by Edward Carpenter. With Seventeen Portraits and illustrations. George Allen & Unwin, May 1916.

Website Editors Note - Also available on this website (published after this Bibliography was created in 1916)

- Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning. George Allen & Unwin, 1920

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Modern Science: a Criticism. Pp. 75. John Heywood, Manchester and London, 1885. [o.p.]

Co-operative Production: with reference to the experiment of Leclaire. A lecture given at the Hall of Science, Sheffield, 1883. Published by John Heywood, Manchester, 1883. Pp.16. [o.p.].

THE SAME. Second edition. The Modern Press, 13, Paternoster Row, London, 1886. [o.p.].

England's Ideal. A Tract reprinted from To-day, May 1884. Pp.22. John Heywood, Manchester and London, 1885. [o.p.].

Modern Moneylending, and the Meaning of Dividends. John Heywood, 1883.

THE SAME. Second edition, 1885. Pp.28. [o.p.].

Desirable Mansions. A Tract reprinted from Progress, June 1883. Pp.16. John Heywood, 1883.

THE SAME. Second edition. The Modern Press, London, 1886.

Third edition, 1887. [o.p.].

Social Progress and Individual Effort. Reprinted from To-day, February 1885. Pp. 13. The Modern Press, London, 1886. [o.p.].

The Enchanted Thicket: an Appeal to the "Well-to-do," by Edward Carpenter, late Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge: being a reprint by permission from the book England's Ideal. For private circulation, 1889. Pp.12.

Civilization, Exfoliation, and Custom. Published by Humboldt Library of Science, New York, 1891. Pirated from Civilization: its Cause and Cure. Pp.65.

Modern Science and Defence of Criminals. Humboldt Library, 1891. Also pirated from Civilization: its Cause and Cure. Pp.53.

Our Parish and our Duke: a Letter to the Parishioners of Holmesfield, in Derbyshire. Four-page leaflet, published by the author, 1889. (Two editions about 10,000 each.) Also printed in full in the London Star, July 8, 1889. [o.p.].

- The Village and the Landlord. An adaptation of the foregoing. Published by the Fabian Society (Tract No.136). London, 1907.

A Letter Relating to the Case of the Walsall Anarchists. Four-page leaflet. Reprinted from Freedom, December 1892. [o.p.].

Intorno alla Protezione degli animali (four-page leaflet).  Reprinted from Il Lavoro (Genoa) of May 18, 1906.

Empire: in India and Elsewhere. Pp.20. London, A. C. Fifield, 1900.

THE SAME. New edition, 1906. Published by Fifield, for the Humanitarian League.

A Letter to the Employees of the Midland and other Railway Companies. Four-page leaflet. Fillingham, Sheffield. Signed "E. C., on behalf of the Sheffield Socialist Society, Commonwealth Cafe," November 1886. [o.p.].

Boer and Briton. Four-page leaflet. Labour Press, Manchester, January 7, 1900. (? Two editions 5,000 each.). [o.p.].

Proof of Taylor's Theorem in the Differential Calculus. By Edward Carpenter and R. F. Muirhead. Four-page pamphlet, with orange cover. Extracted from the Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, vol. xii. Session 1893-4.

Sex-love: and its Place in a Free Society. Pp. 24. Labour Press, Manchester, 1894. Second edition, 1894. [o.p.].

Woman: and her Place in a Free Society.  Pp. 40.  Labour Press, Manchester, 1894. [o.p.].

Marriage in Free Society. Pp 48 (5,000 copies). Labour Press, Manchester, 1894. [o.p.].

Homogenic Love: and its Place in a Free Society. (Printed for private circulation only.) Pp.52. Manchester, 1894. [o.p.].

An Unknown People. Reprinted from the Reformer. Pp. 37. London, A. and H. B. Bonner, 1897. (Brown and gold cover.)

THE SAME. Second edition, 1905. (Plain brown cover.) [o.p].

Fly, Messenger! Fly: being a reprint (8 pages) from Towards Democracy, by permission. For private circulation only. Tring, 1894.

The Wreck of Modern Industry: and its Reorganization. Pamphlet, Pp.16. National Labour Press, Manchester, 1909.

Non-Governmental Society. Originally a chapter in Forecasts of the Coming Century, 1897; afterwards in Prisons, Police, and Punishment. Pp.32. Reprinted separately, and published by A. C. Fifield, London, 1911.

Vivisection. By Edward Carpenter and Edward Maitland. Two Addresses given before the Humanitarian League. Fifty-four page pamphlet. London, W. Reeves, 1893.

Vivisection. By Edward Carpenter. Pp.12. Another Address given before the Humanitarian League. Published at 53, Chancery Lane, London, 1904.

Vivisection. Two Addresses by Edward Carpenter (being the above two Addresses). Revised edition. London, Fifield, 1905.

The Art of Creation. Being the second Anniversary Lecture of the Larmer Sugden Memorial, delivered at the William Morris Labour Church, at Leek, by Edward Carpenter, and printed at Hanley, in Staffordshire, 1903.

The Inner Self. Report of a lecture given at King's Weigh House Church, London, November 7, 1912, and published (pp.8) by the Christian Commonwealth Company, 1912.

St. George and the Dragon: a Play in Three Acts for children and young folk. Dedicated to the I. L.P. clubs. Labour Press, Manchester, 1895. Second edition, 1908.

The Need of a Rational and Humane Science: a lecture given before the Humanitarian League. Published at 53, Chancery Lane, London, 1896. Pp.33.

THE SAME. Reprinted as a chapter in Humane Science Lectures by various authors. London, George Bell, 1897, and incorporated in Civilization. its Cause and Cure, edition 1906.

- British Aristocracy and the House of Lords. Pp. 36. Reprinted from the Albany Review of April, 1908. London, Fifield, 1908.

The Smoke-Nuisance and Smoke-Preventing Appliances. Pp.8. Being report of a lecture given at the Firth College, Sheffield, October 27, 1889. Publishers, Leader & Sons, Sheffield.

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Some Magazine Articles

(Not including those already [I9I6] republished in book form.)

The Value of the Value-Theory. To-day, June 1889.

On High Street, Kensington, in the Commonweal, April 26, 1890.

Lawrence Oliphant, critique in the Scottish Art Review, February 1889.

November Boughs, critique in same Review, April 1889.

The Smoke-Plague and its Remedy. Macmillan's Magazine, July 1890.

Love's Coming-of-Age: a Reply to Mr. Rockell. The Free Review (Sonnenschein), October 1896.

Two Gifts: a Poem. The Adult, February 1898.

On English Hexameter Verse. Two articles in the Cambridge Review, February 22 and March 1, 1900.

An Open-Air Gymnasium, Sandow's Magazine, January 1900.

The Awakening of China. In the Co-operative Wholesale Society's Annual, Manchester, 1907.

Morality under Socialism. The Albany Review, September 1907.

Four Articles, Sketches in Morocco. The New Age, November 1906, and May, June, and July 1907.

The Taboos of the British Museum. By E. S. P. Haynes (and E. C.) in English Review, December 1913.

The Meaning of Pain. English Review, July 1914.

Does Pain on one Plane mean Pleasure on another? The Epoch, July 1914.

The Great Kinship. Translated from the French of Elisee Reclus ("La Grande Famille") by E. C. The Humane Review, January 1906.

Sport and Agriculture. In the Humanitarian, November 1913.

Conscription and National Service. Letter to the Daily Chronicle, London.
August 12, 1915.

Two articles on The Music Drama of the Future. The New Age, August 15 and 22, 1908.

Two articles on The New South African Union. The New Age, August 27 and September 3, 1909.

Two articles on The Minimum Wage. The New Age, December 21 and 28, 1907.

Drawing-room Table Literature. Article in the New Age, March 17, 1910.

Le Philosophe Meh-ti. Book-review in the New Age, February I, 1908.

Beauty in Civic Life: report of a lecture. The Humanitarian, January 1912

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Note - The bilbliography in My Days and Dreams contains listings of translations of Carpenter's work into GERMAN, ITALIAN, FRENCH, DUTCH, RUSSIAN, BULGARIAN, SPANISH, and JAPANESE, details which are not included on this web-page.

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Note - for more details of Carpenter's own musical compositions, including downloadable MP3 files of some piano pieces, see the separate web page Carpenter's Music.

See - Chants of Labour: Edited by E. C. First edition 1888.

Also Three Songs ("Men of England," by Shelley, "The People to their Land," and "England, Arise"). Set to music by E. C. Published by the Labour Press, Manchester, 1896.

- England Arise:Arranged by John Curwen as four-part song for male voices. Staff and sol-fa notation. Published by J Curwen and Sons, Berners St., London, W., 1906.

- The City of the Sun: Words and music by E. C. Published by the Labour Press, Manchester, (?) 1908.

Die Stadt der Sonne. Worte und Musik von B. C., "dem Kampfenden Proletariat gewidmet." Verlag "Wohlstand fur Alle." Vienna XII. Herthorgasse, 12, (?) 1909.

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Some Books, Pamphlets and Articles about Edward Carpenter

E. C.: The Man and his Message. Pp.40. With two portraits. By Tom Swan. Manchester, 1901. Second edition, 1902.

THE SAME. Third Edition. London, Fifield, 1905. Fourth edition, 1910.

E.C.: Poet and Prophet. By Ernest Crosby. 50 pp. Second edition, Fifield, 1905.

The Gospel according to E.C. By G. H. Perris. In two chapters. Article in the New Age, April 23 and 30, 1896.

Three Modern Seers (Hinton, Nietzsche, and E. C.). With Portraits. Pp.228. By Mrs. Havelock Ellis. London, Stanley Paul, 1910.

E. C.: Poet and Prophet. Expositions of and quotations from his works. Pp. 300. In Japanese script. By Ishikawa Sanshiro. Yokohama, 1912.

E. C.: an Exposition and an Appreciation. By Edward Lewis. Pp.310. With Portrait. London, Methuen, 1915.

Modern Science. A reprint in English of Leo Tolstoy's Introduction to that Essay. Published by Wm. Reeves, Charing Cross Road, London.

E. C. and his Message. By Leonard D. Abbott in the International Socialist Review, Chicago, November 1, 1900.

E. C. ein Sanger der Freiheit und des Volkes. Von Pierre Ramus, verlag Schouteten. Brussels, 1910.

E. C. et sa Philosophie. Par M. Senard. Libr. de l'Art Independant, Paris, 1914.

Chapter on E. C. in All Manner of Folk. By Holbrook Jackson. London, Grant Richards, 1912.

And various articles:-

See the Dublin University Review, April, 1886; Seed-time, London, April, 1893; the Friend, January 4; 1895; the Twentieth Century, New York, June 25, 1898; the Inquirer, London, May 13, 1899; the Westminster Review, December, 1901 ; the Pioneer, London, January, 1901 the Humane Review, July, 1903; the Literary Digest, New York, February 25, 1905; the Craftsman, New York, October, 1906; the Millgate Monthly, Manchester, April 1907; the Forum, New York, August 1910; the Christian Commonwealth, London, December 11,1912; Bibby's Annual, 1913; the Bystander, March 18, 1914; the Epoch, November 1915 ; the Herald of the Star, August 11, 1915 ; etc.

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