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by Simon Dawson | Comment and Feedback

In his life Edward Carpenter wrote about a huge variety of subjects, so unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it can be difficult to find your way to texts that interest you.

The Using the Carpenter Archive page gives guidance on how to find specific book titles, or how to make a start on browsing the archive.

Searching by Subject Matter or Keyword

If you want to make a keyword search, then the site has been indexed by the BeSeen on-line search engine. Enter the keyword or words in the box below to get a list of web pages containing the keyword.

Once you have got to the right pages (which are sometimes very large), then you can use your browser to help you (either Netscape or Explorer).

Click on EDIT at the top of the browser page, and then click on FIND IN PAGE (Netscape) or FIND (ON THIS PAGE) (Explorer), and enter the keyword you are using.

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